My “PLC”

This “Popplet” represents what I would consider my “Professional Learning Community” (PLC). Aside from the “usual” academic sources, I rely heavily upon those individuals who develop and write the standards for care at the University of Michigan Health System (UMHS). I call them Subject Matter Experts. Sometimes, what they know and what they do are the best sources of information as it is often ahead of ” the literature” and our expectations as a transport team is to meet and exceed theirs.

Additionally, I entered the MAET program to assist me in developing skill as an innovative educator. To this end, I rely heavily upon what I have gained at Michigan State University (it’s resources, teachers and students) to assist me in this endeavor.

I would say that the weakest portion of this popplet for me is what I obtain through social media. While I am not well versed in how it works, I am very much ready and willing to learn and tap into it as a potential resource. Mazurek_PLC PoppletCLICK ON THE JPEG IMAGE 

One thought on “My “PLC”

  1. I like the way that you’r relying on your “subject matter experts” in the map of your resources; we do the same in many K-12 schools, as teachers can often find themselves lost in the weeds at times and need someone narrowly focused on a particular topic and/or issue. And I’m glad that you acknowledged your weak points, which 810 hopefully may provide you with an opportunity to grow. I’ve never looked through Twitter for references to “lifeflight” but there’s a lot of news and videos being shared of crews in action. Perhaps there’s an opportunity to reach out and follow some crews and/or organizations supporting Survival Flight units?


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