Final Blog Post to My CEP 810 Networked Learning Project (NLP)

My objective over the last 4 weeks was to build an iOS App. As I have zero programming experience, I was unsure of the magnitude of this project. This however is something that I have always wanted to create for my job. While the use of this type of technology is not necessarily new to healthcare, I wanted to tailor it to my practice as a flight nurse with the hope of making good flight nurses better.

While a pretty lofty goal considering my lack of computer experience, I thought I could learn some basics over the course of 4 weeks. That was something that I was able to do. However, it wasn’t without multiple roadblocks. In order to make an iOS app, you need to have the programming language software. For iOS apps, this programming language is called XCode. This part was easy enough to get as it is a free download. XCode only runs on Mac Products which while seemingly intuitive, became a big problem for me as my 6 year old MacBook decided to crash a few times during my learning. In addition to the basics of a new programming language, I learned that I had patience!

My primary source that I used to learn this new skill was the YouTube Channel “Code with Chris.” While I tried other sites like and the Apple Developer’s network, I obtained the most knowledge with the YouTube Channel. During the 15 video lesson, I went from basic nomenclature all the way through learning how to write various strings of code, what it meant, and how to tie the programming language with what you see on the iPhone or iPad screen. The final “product” so to speak is the card game “war.” While seemingly simplistic, from a computer programming language perspective, it has just the right degree of complexity for beginners. I had to create an image asset file, place the images on my game board, give button commands and randomize cards.

While I feel that I have learned a great deal, I also realize that I have not even scratched the surface of what is required in order to build the apps that we are all accustomed to in the Android or iOS App stores. Having said that, I feel that I am well on my way. This approach to learning is very good for me as I can do it at my own pace, I can rewind and repeat lessons and being able to follow along with a seasoned expert is invaluable. It has given me the confidence for deeper self-discovery and I anticipate that I will be well on my way to a basic level of proficiency with this program language within the next year. Because of the “Code with Chris” YouTube Channel, I have found additional and equally valuable resources that I will be able to use in order to practice and hone my skills. All that I needed was a start and this project and the new network that I have created for myself will be the driving force for continued proficiency.

The link to my YouTube Video can be found here: Mazurek Network Learning Project

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