CEP 810 Final Thoughts

What I learned during CEP 810 was rather narrow with broad potential. I learned how to use Twitter. I learned what an RSS Feed is. I learned how to create a Sniglet, a Popplet, a blog and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich using a spatula. I learned the basics of XCode and how to post to YouTube. I had fun and learned about pieces of technology that I never knew existed or needed to exist. I also learned how to learn. 

I entered the MAET program not knowing how to use technology in learning, only that I wanted to introduce technology into my curriculum. I now realize that the use of technology is secondary to “why” to use and “how” to use it. I know that technology can serve a primary purpose, or be repurposed for something innovative. I am beginning to learn that I do have creative potential and that quality education requires separating myself from traditional norms. I learned that technology has a much broader definition.

There are still questions that loom for me. How do I stay on the cutting edge? Can I keep up with my newly formed network? In what ways can I repurpose the technology that I am learning, arguably geared to the K-12 crowd, for medical education? How can I learn innovation while at the same time teach my students this skill? I learned somewhere that quality learning creates more questions than answers. CEP 810 is one of the first classes in this curriculum that has done that for me. What still makes me nervous is catching up and keeping up.

But for now, I have much to integrate into my own practice. I have a solid 21st century lesson plan that I can use for a multitude of modules. I can use it as a teaching tool and evaluation tool. I have a new set of skills that will allow me to learn and implement instruction in ways that will benefit my group. Most importantly, I have a spark that will help me move forward in my primary mission: to create innovative and engaging methods of instruction in which to evolve the next generation of flight nurses. I want to make them better than I could have ever been. I feel like I am finally learning what this means and how to move forward.


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Paul M Mazurek, RN, BSN, CCRN, CFRN, NREMT-P, I/C

Educational Nurse Coordinator

University of Michigan Survival Flight


MAET Degree Program Candidate

Michigan State University

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