CEP 817 Problem of Practice – Define Mode (Part 1)

Challenge Related to My Initial Problem of Practice Statement : (https://paulmaz41.wordpress.com/2015/01/28/problem-of-practice/)

The challenge that I currently face is that while I have written core objectives, I am unsure what the modules will look like, how to write curriculum and how to implement the program in a manner that will prepare these novice nurses for practice.

  • “5 WHY’s” — Root Cause Analysis
      1. Why am I unsure how to write this new curriculum?
        1. Because I have never written a curriculum before
      2. Why have I never written a curriculum before?
        1. Because until now, I have not had the need to write a curriculum
      3. Why has there not been a need to write a curriculum?
        1. Because we have never had a formal training plan
      4. Why have we never had a formal training plan?
        1. Because training needs are far more complex
      5. Why are training needs far more complex?
        1. Because we are transporting sicker patients and the demands for this job have changed
  • Why – How Ladder

cep_817_pop_why_how_ladder CLICK IMAGE FOR LARGER VIEW

  • POV Madlib: [USER] needs to [USER’s NEED] because [SURPRISING INSIGHT]
    1. The pensive Survival Flight Nurse Intern needs to create engagement for his / her own learning by creating his / her own curriculum.
    2. The Survival Flight Nurse Intern needs to learn within a structured environment because this will ensure that core objectives are covered.
    3. The Survival Flight Nurse Intern, who has yet to be challenged to the degree that is required of regular Survival Flight staff, needs to experience a challenging training program, because the clinical requirements and demands are greater than they have been in previous years.

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