CEP 817 Problem of Practice – Define Mode (Part 2)

As stated in prior posts, I have been given approval for a Flight Nurse Internship Program. This program is designed to take competent Emergency and/or Critical Care (ICU) nurses, and turn them into competent flight nurses within a year time frame. Since this program is the first of its kind in the country, there is no one to benchmark and a problem exists in that I need to create a new curriculum, from the ground up, in four (4) months. This is a rather volatile environment from an educational perspective as demands are high and success of this program imperative given the current and future staffing crisis that Survival Flight faces. As I discovered in my Root Cause Analysis exercise, the impetus for this problem and my need to create a new program is that the demands for this job has changed to the point that finding qualified candidates to replace “seasoned” flight nurses has become exceedingly difficult.

The audience/users of this curriculum is the nurse interns themselves, as well as nursing leadership within the University of Michigan Health System (UMHS). This program demands success and there is little margin for error. Many administrators within the UMHS nursing community will be monitoring this program because of the hope that it will serve as a template for future internships in which there is a critical need (e.g., Nurse Management positions and specialty care areas).

As I feel that I have identified the needs of my primary users, the definition of my problem and the root cause for this problem, I can now purposefully formulate an action plan. As I still am unclear HOW to develop this curriculum, I will start where I normally start when needing to solve a problem: Literature Review and Benchmarking. I plan to “beg, borrow, and steal” ideas from anyone and everyone that I can think of with curriculum development experience, regardless of discipline. I plan to use my professional network that has grown significantly since my entrance into the MAET program 2 years ago. I plan to continue to read on the subject of curriculum development and innovative education. From this “raw data” I plan to piece together a curriculum based upon my core objectives that have been approved by my medical director and endorsed by our accrediting body (CAMTS). This is the direction that I plan to start and will “tweak” as I go.

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