CEP 817: My Brainstorming Session

My brainstorming session consisted of myself, 2 fellow flight nurses and a helicopter pilot (coincidentally, a pilot who has designed curriculum as a flight instructor!). A little rocky at first but in a period of 45-50 minutes, we went through 4 “whiteboards.”

In the first “whiteboard,” I wanted to concentrate on what I know about this internship and what I currently have at my disposal. While seemingly obvious, I felt that I needed to start at the basics in order to get the idea ball rolling. Additionally, this was the time to educate my brainstorming “team” on what the flight nurse internship would look like and the process that I see as of right now. It certainly would help them in generating ideas.

New Book - 1

We then started discussing how we were going to provide information (the learning takes place with a change in behavior).

New Book - 2

We finished the evening with developing steps in the development of this new curriculum (taking what we know, the various methods of providing information and integrating this into a standardized system):

New Book - 3

What I was looking for was direction. Between this session and my Incubation Journal, I feel that I can start piecing the components of this curriculum together.

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