CEP 817: My Problem of Practice Incubation Journal

It’s interesting how “mulling over ideas” can generate new ideas in a completely different direction. Carrying this spiral bound notebook with me for the better part of a week has allowed me to catalog things that have popped into my head. The first entry was on March 13th while at our annual Survival Flight Spring Conference at the Livingston County Emergency Complex in Howell, MI. This is where I started thinking about how I could use this incredible resource to provide instruction and integrate training here into my curriculum. I also started an inventory (certainly not all inclusive) of what I already have and what I could “repurpose” for my internship curriculum:


March 16th I was at my other job at West Michigan AirCare and I began talking with one of my colleagues about curriculum design and instruction. While he has some experience with this, he is just a flight nurse like me with no formal training. Having said that, we started looking at different methods in which to provide information (not necessarily instruction):


A couple of days later, I began my “Part 3” of my Ideate Mode exercise. Following a 45 minute, and very productive Brainstorming session with my crew (2 nurses and a pilot), my drive home gave me some time for further thought and reflection:


Yesterday, I was able to put down on paper, how each of my 10 modules will look. This was quite a breakthrough as I feel with this template, along with my core objectives, that I can start to put together my curriculum!!


A valuable week-long exercise that I feel started me in the right direction

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