Flight Nurse Internship Curriculum Prototype

While my Problem of Practice is associated with constructing a curriculum for a new Flight Nurse Internship Program, I have started the “developing” within a “makeshift” Learning Management System (LMS) format (via a Google Slideshow). This has helped me to organize curriculum flow and decide what information / content I need to eventually place in the curriculum. This prototype has assisted me in the creation of a template so that I can “fill in” content as it is created. The difficult part associated with this project is not creating the information as much as deciding flow and how to implement. While I have not yet put together actual content, I do have a template and I have objectives for each module.






A PAGE WHERE YOU CAN SELECT A MODULE TO START (for our purposes, I have selected the “Airway module). Once here, the curriculum is relatively linear (e.g., validation cannot occur until the learner has reviewed the content). THE ONLY INTERACTIVE BOX THUS FAR IS THE “OBJECTIVES” SECTION


EACH MODULE HAS ITS OWN SET OF OBJECTIVES (all objectives have been written).


Finally, each slide has a “HOME” screen to take the learner back to the beginning

I would ask that anyone reading this blog access this Google Slideshow, place it in “PRESENTER” mode, treat it as a web-based LMS and look around with a critical eye. It is not my intent to test the LMS (after all, it is merely a Slideshow), but to evaluate whether or not the curriculum and its flow seem sound. Evaluation of actual content will occur by Subject Matter Experts at UMHS (the governing body for Survival Flight’s patient management standards).

In reflection, the process of prototyping has been the most intimidating for me. I think that it is because instead of “ideating” and “theorizing,” I was compelled to create something that may or may not be effective in solving my specific problem of practice. However, I have been reminded that failure is “OK.” In fact, it is part of learning, revising and improving. I certainly found many useful pieces of information within my brainstorming notes in order to compile and piece together what I feel will actually be a useful curriculum that will meet the goal of creating a very competent and skilled flight nurse at the end of the year time frame. Validation of these thoughts and feelings will occur quickly after implementation as I assess what worked and what didn’t work for each module. Something tells me that the content and landscape of this course of study is going to have a much different look by the completion of the tenth and final module!


Paul Mazurek

There are interactive boxes within the presentation that displays some basic information.

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