My Networked Learning Project

In a constant effort to improve myself and continuously learn, I was excited when given the opportunity for this in formal study. With that said, I have struggled with finding a suitable topic for my CEP 810 Networked Learning Project. There are so many things that I wish to learn. How does one choose? A new language? A musical instrument? Drywalling? Installing new flooring?  As the assignment is only four weeks in length, I decided to be more realistic. I am going to learn how to create an iOS “app.”

While the task still seems daunting (four weeks is not very long), I am excited to get started and see how far I progress. It is incredibly practical for me as this is something that I have wanted to do for some time for my professional practice. This app needs to be somewhat useful but I understand that “usability” may come later as learning how to create it and make it work will come first.

In order to develop an iOS application, I have to learn a new language. It is called X Code. I have started looking at YouTube for the majority of instruction. I will continue to search for additional assistance in the form of internet help forums should any be available. The first YouTube Channel that I have stopped at is one called “Code with Chris” which is instruction completely dedicated to app development and the XCode language. Chris has a blog space, discussion forums and over 75 videos on YouTube dedicated to app development for beginners. While I feel that this will not be the only stop in my journey, I am confident that “Code with Chris” will contain a large amount of the information that I will need in order to succeed. I am looking forward to getting started and reporting my progress in a couple of weeks!

CEP 810 Learning, Understanding and Conceptual Change

9853-0309070368-covers450As I progress in my MAET studies, I am continually revising what I know and understand about learning itself. This assignment was no different. In my essay entitled Conceptual Changes in Learning, I attempt to define learning within the context of my own understanding and experience. Utilizing the first three chapters of How People Learn by Bransford, Brown & Cocking (2000) to refine my definition, I explained learning to be more than just knowledge and skills acquisition, but something that results in a change in behavior and a renewed outlook with respect to the subject matter. This is an important concept as the evolved learner recognizes not only what he or she knows, but what is not known, what is still needed to learn and what makes it pertinent to them. Additionally, it is recognized that there is difference between the “novice” learner and the “expert” in how knowledge is organized and prioritized (I crudely referred to this as “sifting”), an important skill given my occupation and the need to train my new flight nurses in the same skill set. I welcome your comments and thoughts as this will strengthen my own understanding.

” Front Matter .” How People Learn: Brain, Mind, Experience, and School: Expanded Edition . Washington, DC: The National Academies Press, 2000 .